Hair Services

Cutting-edge service that delivers a timeless and effortless look. We aim to provide a luxurious experience, but also beautiful results. Your hair defines you in more ways than one; we make sure you leave feeling incredible.

Every stylist at George Micheal Long Hair has come highly experienced and trained to work as the ultimate professionals that put your needs at the forefront. We can rejuvenate, restore, or repair your hair to get you on the right track to the best hair you’ve ever had. We will customize a plan to achieve your long hair goals with healthy tips and advice. Our expert guidance will get you from inspiration to your personal vision ideals.

  • GMLH Treatment & Trim
  • GMLH Roller Set
  • GMLH Dry Trim
  • Hair Color
  • Men's Haircut
  • Highlights or Lowlights
  • Hairstyle / Updo

Skincare Services

Your skin is constantly protecting you. It keeps infections out of your body and keeps you from getting sick. When you take care of your skin, you’re helping your skin do its job. And taking care of your skin today will help prevent future problems, like wrinkles and even skin cancer.

The mental benefits may even be greater – it keeps you feeling good about yourself. Nothing gives you more self-confidence and an extra bounce in your step more than knowing you look good a feel even better!

  • Basic Facial
    $125/75 min
  • Teen Facial
    $100/60 min
  • Brow Shape
  • Lip Wax
  • Add-ons Start at
    European massage, lymph drainage massage, Accupressure face massage, Revitalight, Microdermabrasion, ultrasound firming & hydration treatment, GLY and AHA acid peels, Hydro/oxygen treatment, Collagen/Peptides/Hyaluronic serums enhancing treatments.

VelaShape III

at George Michael Long Hair

Treat Yourself To A Smoother, Sexier Figure!

VelaShape III is an FDA-cleared, non invasive body contouring treatment for cellulite & circumferential reduction.

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