Since 1957 on Madison Avenue New York, under George Michael‘s creation and direction and Maria “Madora” Matarazzo‘s continuation at the helm… The flag ship falls to Jessie Martinez who continues the legacy of the original George Michael Long Hair System. We were all saddened to learn of the closure in June 2021 of this beloved landmark of beauty after 65 years on Madison Avenue in New York City.

The mantle will be taken up by the George Michael Long Hair Salon in Beverly Hills California, run by Jessie Martinez who joined George Michael on Madison Avenue in 1979 and brought the George Michael Long Hair system to Los Angeles in 1985. She has continued to expand and grow to the current location at 328 South Beverly Dr. in Beverly Hills California.

The George Michael Long Hair Salon in Beverly Hills has continued to provide all the long hair services the many clients know and love and has been able to bring the original George Michael Long Hair Products into production with an updated look, modern and clear information and product directions. The salon has now expanded services to include Velashape lll Body Treatment and European style facials and manicure services (coming soon).

The George Michael System

George Michael Long Hair Salon in Beverly Hills has specialized in long hair since 1985 when Jessie Martinez brought the Long Hair System to the West Coast. The first salon on Madison Avenue in New York City originated with George Michael himself in 1957. 
This system has and continues to get great results for all women and men who desire healthier, stronger, thicker, and longer hair. Our uniqueness and success has continued for over 65 years. We trim down all the unnecessary hair habits to create individual programs for each client based on the long hair legacy George Michael curated and applied.
Jessie and the George Michael Long Hair Salon have consistently applied these techniques to this day. It works! Many followers continue to utilize what they have learned from us and are still devoted to our luxurious hair care products.

Meet the Team

Jessie Martinez

Jessie Martinez, owner of the George Michael of Beverly Hills Salon, is best known for styling, advising, and inspiring women in California who desire long luxurious hair. She brought the famous “George Michael Long Hair Care System” to Los Angeles 25 years ago. Since then her business has grown to include a full service salon as well as a consulting operation for other salon owners. Jessie brings years of experience from working closely with Dr. George Michael and Maria “Madora” Mattarazzo in New York.

Jessie was born in Bitburg, Germany in 1957 to Puerto Rican American parents. She was raised in New York City and realized at an early age that her calling was in the beauty field. Jessie’s desire to help people achieve the highest potential of their own beauty, and perhaps fate, brought her to the George Michael of Madison Avenue Salon New York in 1979.


Svetlana Bubnova graduated from medical school as a nurse practitioner in Latvia where she trained in clinical dermatology.

She has also performed conjunction with several plastic surgeons.

She is currently running her her own business “ Svetlana Care For Skin “ at the George Michael Long Hair Salon in Beverly Hills.


Eleshia comes to GMLH from Sydney Australia bringing with her vast amount of talent and beauty. She uses her artistic abilities here at GMLH Salon that showcases her previous training in the beauty field, film and art production for Hollywood and other top management positions at high end retail companies.

She lent us her marketing and social media influencer skill set, and her love of beauty and desire to give back to clients a  wonderful service experience makes her a great fit to our GMLH Team.

Eleshia has a wonderful creative spirit, a warm heart, and is an amazing addition to our team and holds lots of promise of also becoming a George Michael Long Hair care specialist.

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