The Seven Secrets

1. Keep Your Hair One Length

No bangs, no layers. To achieve your optimum thickness and length, the hair needs to grow to one length. If you are layering your hair, and you are predisposed to thinning hair for any reason, then it’s best to start a growing out regimen. Soon, usually within a few months time, you will see for yourself the difference and be encouraged to continue growing. Strengthening and growth is the key to longer and more luscious hair.

2. The Right-Side Part

Wear your hair with a right side part – this parting helps makes the hair stronger by going against the natural growth. Additionally the right side part creates a softer asymmetrical look for most people!

3. Trimming

Trim your hair every two months – This allows one inch of normal growth and a GM stylist will trim only the minimum necessary. At the George Michael Beverly Hills Salon we specialize in the “dry haircut”. We can see exactly what needs to be removed when a dry haircut is performed.

4. Combing/Detangling

Use a wide tooth hand-finished comb for gentle detangling. Always start detangling your hair from the bottom up. Never brush out knots wet or dry! Many combs out there are not hand finished, and can develop rough edges and eventually lead to hair breakage! Look to purchase a good high quality, smooth, wide tooth comb for better hair management.

5. Brushing Every Morning with Natural Bristle Brush

Brushing 100 strokes every morning with a natural bristle brush helps distribute natural oils and any impurities down and away from the scalp and helps to conditions the hair with your own natural oils. It’s also good for gentle scalp stimulation which directs more nutrients to feed each hair follicle. If you have really curly hair, then wait to brush on the day you are washing your hair. In addition, the hair should be brushed upside down starting at the nape of the neck, and brushing forward following the brush with your free hand to prevent breakage and static. 

6. Minimize Blow Dryers, Heating Implements, and Chemicals. 

Continuous use of excessive heat will cause damage to the ends, eventually causing breakage and split ends. Even using these just once can alter your hair’s condition dramatically and irreversibly. At the George Michael Beverly Hills Salon we take care of your hair differently than any other salon you’ve visited. We teach you how to better care for your hair at home.  We set longer hair in smooth rollers and gently dry the hair under a medium heated dryer.(Check with your GM stylist for an individual consult on the best way to dry and style your hair).

7. Nutritional and Hormonal Balance

Nutritional and Hormonal balance are necessary for optimum growth. Your hair is a barometer of your health…pay attention to your body, take care of yourself and your hair will respond accordingly. Many people do not realize that diet and hormonal balance are imperative to healthy hair growth. If you are having issues with getting your hair healthy or longer, you must evaluate your nutrition.

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